Mainstream media outlets in general have covered only one side of the COVID-19 narrative, while systematically censoring dissenting opinions.   Among those censored are doctors, top scientists at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford Universities, and even the inventor of mRNA technology himself, Dr. Robert Malone.  Boulder's own Daily Camera is no exception to this disturbing trend in censorship.  Below is our guest opinion that they refused to publish.

Our censored Daily Camera guest opinion

Open letter to the community regarding the BVSD School Board recall:

Dear concerned parents and community members,


As a group from all sides of the political spectrum, we would like to share our perspective on the BVSD school board recall.  These past 18 months we have witnessed the damage COVID-19 protocols have done to our community: kindergartners playing outside in masks in the hot sun; teenagers feeling ill after receiving COVID-19 vaccines; children suffering headaches or anxiety attacks after being masked all day.  We have sat through school board meetings in which Boulder County Public Health officials present false information (“there is no evidence that masks harm children” or “COVID-19 poses a serious danger to children”) and watched in dismay as the school board rubber stamps whatever BCPH recommends. Alarmingly, we’ve heard two board members demand zero-tolerance on granting mask exemptions and another call for mandatory vaccination of children! This is an experimental product with no long-term safety data, for a virus that poses less threat to them than the seasonal flu.  Whatever happened to parental choice?  We never voted for any of this.


Criticism of the recall effort has focused on the estimated cost of $650-$668K. This is important to clarify: BVSD incorrectly presented the cost as $750K at a recent board meeting and conveyed the false impression that this money would come directly from BVSD, rather than Boulder, Gilpin and Broomfield Counties.  For perspective, $650K is the annual revenue loss to BVSD if 50 students withdraw due to its COVID-19 policies.  This sum pales in comparison to the $41 million federal “COVID Relief” grant to BVSD, which was given to stanch the damage BCPH and BVSD have done to children with their shutdowns and online learning policies.

The science is clear: there is no asymptomatic spread of COVID-19. If you are not actively sick, with symptoms such as cough and fever, you cannot make anyone else sick. Masking children who are asymptomatic therefore provides little meaningful protection from disease.  Furthermore children have a near zero chance of dying from COVID-19 and are known not to drive its spread.  Meanwhile, abundant evidence shows that wearing masks harms children physiologically and psychologically. A German study of 26,000 children confirmed adverse effects in 68% of them. Adults, when did you last run a mile in a mask, and then spend the entirety of your day in that same mask? If we can sit at a restaurant table maskless, why must our children wear masks at their desks? 

Science also has shown that natural immunity against COVID-19 is superior to vaccine-induced immunity and that the latter wanes within months.  The CDC has admitted that COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission and that unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people can carry similar viral loads.  Israel, one of the most highly vaccinated populations in the world, is already discussing a 4th booster shot due to its soaring COVID-19 case rate.  Do we really want to set our kids on a path where they may need dozens of COVID-19 booster shots over their lifetimes?  Most children are better off getting infected while they are still young, when the virus poses little risk to them, enabling them to develop robust natural immunity and contribute to herd immunity, which benefits all of society.

COVID-19 vaccines are not without significant risk to children.  A recent study suggested that boys are up to 6.1 times more likely to be hospitalized for myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA vaccination than for COVID-19 infection itself.  Is it ethical to ask young people to risk heart inflammation, which is just one of many reported vaccine side effects, to protect against a virus for which they have a 99.997% survival rate?


Finally, we note that the $650K recall cost applies only if we gather the needed signatures.  If the recall lacks community support, we won’t gather enough signatures and the only cost will be our own time and effort.  What if we are not the small minority our detractors claim?  With rampant bias and censorship in medicine, the news and social media, it’s impossible to know how many other community members feel as we do.  Have you been hesitant to speak your concerns due to fear of harassment? How many others have had enough of the fear-mongering of unelected and unaccountable health officials who don’t think through the collateral damage of their policies? How many would like to send a loud and clear message to the elected officials who have provided no meaningful oversight over them?  We owe it to our children to find out.

Censorship is used when the lie.jpg


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Censorship is used when the lie.jpg