Recall Statement

General statement of grounds for recall

We seek a recall of 3 members of the Boulder Valley School Board for ignoring the concerns of the community on issues that directly and negatively affect the physical and mental health of students. These board members have: 

1) consistently ignored dissenting opinions before making important decisions impacting staff and students;

2) provided no meaningful oversight of unelected health officials who have presented biased, misleading and false information at board meetings;

3) unquestioningly accepted the aforementioned officials’ advice while ignoring professional, credentialed, and well-informed constituents;  

4) demonstrated a callous disregard for students’ physical and mental health by mandating masks indefinitely and without solid grounding in science for all students as young as age 2;  

5) endangered the health of students by refusing to acknowledge legitimate medical exemptions approved by medical professionals;

6) aggressively promoted unlicensed Emergency Use Authorization COVID vaccines for students, including on school grounds, despite the controversial risk: benefit ratio of these products for children

7) neglected to address a variety of student health and safety grievances raised by constituents throughout the district;

8) purposely avoided accountability by excluding parents from in-person participation at school board meetings.

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