BVSD School board president Tina Marquis has shown up to 2 petition signing events and actively interfered with those trying to sign the petition at one of these events.  The incident below was filmed on October 23.  Although Marquis fled when we called the police, a known antifa member showed up shortly after on a black scooter and continued the harassment, as did a man identified as Ross McCall, who appeared to know the antifa member.

Harassment at the Farmer's Market


Several other people have directly interfered with people trying to sign our petitions at the Boulder Farmer's market.  On October 16, these women (upper right photo) aggressively prevented us from setting up our table and threatened to call both the District Attorney and the police to have us arrested for illegally gathering signatures.  On October 23, we were threatened again, but the police sided with us when they came, citing our First Amendment right to petition for redress of grievances. 


Among those interfering with our table on Oct 23 were BVSD School Board president Tina Marquis (video above, photos below), CU Regent Lesley Smith (photos below), and Ross McCall (video to the right).   Smith and Marquis originally wore masks but took them off when they grew tired of virtue signaling and wanted to breathe. (BVSD children have not been allowed this choice, even at outdoor recess in many cases).  Smith's sign notwithstanding, BVSD kids missed nearly a full year of in-person school on Marquis' watch.