Biased, Misleading and False

Boulder County Public Health presentations to BVSD School Board



Pushing vaccines as the primary solution for all age groups even though it has become clear that they can’t stop the pandemic and are likely making it worse

BCPH presentations at school board meetings have been heavily biased toward a sole exit strategy from the pandemic: Encourage everyone including children to get vaccinated. BVSD has dutifully followed this advice, hosting vaccine clinics at BVSD schools and using BVSD Communications to alert students about vaccination clinics in the community. At the August 10 meeting BCPH continued its strong push for vaccines even though at that point it was clear that natural immunity against COVID-19 is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, that the latter wanes relatively quickly, that breakthrough cases are common, including severe cases leading to hospitalization and death, and that frequent booster shots will be needed to maintain immunity (1,2,3). CDC director Rochelle Walensky has clearly stated that the COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission (4) and that fully vaccinated people have a similar viral load as the unvaccinated, meaning both can transmit SARS-CoV-2 virus (5). Furthermore, Israel, one of the most highly vaccinated populations in the world, has one of the highest COVID-19 case rates in the world, a factor of 10 times higher than Sweden, whose COVID-19 strategy is centered around natural immunity (6).   Vaccines also have not reduced COVID-19 mortality compared to the same time last year. Highly vaccinated countries like Israel and the UK are now seeing more deaths than they did at the end of summer, 2020 (7,8). 


BCPH failed to inform the school board about any of these critical flaws in their vaccine-centric strategy. Yet these flaws have particularly important implications for children, who are being set on a path where they will be asked to take many dozens of boosters over the course of their lifetimes.

An unbiased look at the facts suggests that the only realistic exit strategy from the pandemic is to learn to live with SARS-CoV-2, as we do each year when a new strain of the flu comes around. The human immune system is strongly adaptable and is the best way to address variants. The sensible three-point solution to the COVID-19 situation is to return to pre-COVID-19 life in all ways - complete freedom, and life as usual - get on with our lives, with 1. Immune support and preventative care; 2. Targeted protection of those at risk - the elderly and chronically sick; 3. Effective treatments as needed for those with symptoms (9,10). Prevention is best, early treatment is second best. We have to live with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it will always be with us. Biannual boosters for the entire population will not solve the problem, but will only reduce the effectiveness of vaccines by encouraging antigenic drift. The vaccines are at best a reasonable solution for the elderly and the vulnerable, but everyone will get infected eventually, even the vaccinated.  Most children are much better off getting infected while they are still young, when the virus poses little risk to them, enabling them to develop robust natural immunity. In this way, SARS-CoV-2 will become a relatively inconsequential virus in the coming years.





Alarmist use of COVID-19 case trends

BCPH often presents slides at BVSD board meetings that show cases vs. time broken down by age group and go out of their way to highlight “worrisome” trends among children.These graphs seem geared toward raising alarm about COVID-19 in kids and thus justifying pushing vaccines on kids. For example, on August 10 BCPH created alarm about the Delta variant by saying there were twice as many cases this year as last year among kids. Board member Gebhardt dutifully picked up on this talking point and expressed deep concern about the trends. At the September 28 meeting a BCPH official presented the graph below and made sure to emphasize that cases were highest among children age 11 and under.  Is that seriously the feature that stands out in this graph?  Or is BCPH spinning data for political purposes to drum up a case for vaccinating 5-11 year-olds, the next group to which Emergency Use Authorization likely will be extended?




Tellingly, BCPH officials neglected to mention the recent uptick in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases nationwide, including at Children’s Hospital in Colorado, even though RSV is a more serious threat to kids than COVID-19 (12).The unusual summer outbreaks of RSV have likely been fueled by over a year of suppression of kids’ immune symptoms due to masking and social distancing, policies espoused by BCPH.

(*Note: BCPH also used “case” data at CU back in September 2020 to justify a draconian 2-week isolation and virtual house arrest of 18-22 year-olds, which traumatized students and put women at risk by forbidding them from walking with company at night.  Over 1,100 students tested “positive” during that time, but only 1 was hospitalized (briefly) raising the likelihood that many/most of these cases were false positives.  BCPH’s edict created ill will and distrust in the community.  To this day BCPH has not disclosed the PCR cycle threshold used in that CU testing, but it seems likely it was 45 or more, a level guaranteed to give non-meaningful results and many false positives (11).  BCPH officials have never been held accountable or apologized to CU students for their handling of that episode.)

Overstating risk of COVID-19 to kids and understating risk of vaccines

At the April 2021 meetings, BCPH misled the Board into believing that everyone is at grave risk from COVID, kids and adults alike.  Yet CDC data show that the risk of death from COVID-19 is over 3000 times lower among 5-17 year-olds compared to those age 75-84, and is effectively 1 in a million (13).  BCPH also portrayed COVID-19 vaccines as perfectly safe to kids, but an unprecedented number of adverse events have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following these experimental injections.  Total reported injuries number over 650,000, including 13,911 deaths, 18 of which have occurred in 12-17 year-olds (14). The risk of blood clots, death, myocarditis, infertility, miscarriage, etc. from the COVID-19 injections is far greater than the risk of harm or death from COVID-19 itself in young people.  In Ontario alone, 106 youth have been hospitalized for vaccine-related heart problems through August 7, 2021 (15).  Incredibly, health officials have dismissed heart inflammation as “mild,” but inflamed heart tissue does not regenerate and results in lifelong scarring.  Uninformed about these risks, Board member Richard Garcia called for mandatory vaccines for BVSD students at the August 10 meeting, heedless of the ethics of mandating or coercing these experimental injections for children, who are at a statistically near zero risk of death from the virus.




Natural immunity is short-lived and inferior to vaccine immunity

At the May 11 BVSD meeting, BCPH told the board that natural immunity may last just 4 weeks, or at most 4 months.  In fact, natural immunity from natural exposure to COVID-19 is durable, broad, long-lasting, safer, and superior in every way than COVID-19 vaccines.  A recent study from Israel showed that people with natural immunity were 13 times less likely to contract COVID-19 than those who had received two Pfizer vaccines (3). Furthermore, recent science shows that even children who experience COVID-19 with mild or no symptoms develop this robust immunity (16).   Yet BCPH officials encourage the vaccine even for those who’ve naturally recovered, despite evidence that vaccines provide little or no additional benefit (17).  Leading epidemiologists from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford have written, “As scientists, we have been stunned and disheartened to witness many strange scientific claims made during this pandemic… None is more surprising than the false assertion made … by current CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky – that, “there is no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection.”  These epidemiologists point out that policies that give no credit to natural immunity contradict thousands of years of historical wisdom, are discriminatory against the working class and poor, and will further erode confidence in our public health institutions (18).


There is no evidence that masks are harmful to kids
At multiple board meetings last spring and again on August 10, BCPH officials pooh-poohed the idea that masks cause any long-term harm to children.  Troublingly, a teenager testified at the meeting that, “I feel less anxious in my mask.”  Board member Sweeney-Miran advocated a near zero tolerance policy for granting mask exemptions, which was echoed by Board member Gebhardt.  The stance of these board members seems particularly harsh in view of the youth mental health state of emergency declared by Children’s Hospital Colorado on May 26, 2021 (19).  

In fact, masks are doing enormous harm to children while providing little meaningful protection from disease.  A worldwide review of literature found “no reduction in viral transmission with the use of face masks.” (20) Additionally, children have been repeatedly shown not to be drivers of COVID-19 and it is well accepted that children have a near zero chance of dying from the infection (13).  Any intervention, especially one that is prophylactic, must cause fewer harms to the recipient than the infection. Since children have the lowest death rate from COVID-19 infection, the cost-benefit of requiring children to wear an investigational face-covering with emerging safety issues is difficult to justify.


Among other harms, mandatory masking in schools ignores the essential needs of a growing child. The well-being of children and young people is highly dependent on the emotional connection with others. Masks create a threatening and unsafe environment, where emotional connection becomes difficult (21). 


Physiologically there is ample evidence of harm from prolonged mask wearing.  A recent European meta-analysis of 65 studies found clear, scientifically recorded adverse effects for the mask wearer, both on a psychological and on a social and physical level (22).  These adverse effects included a clustered co-occurrence of respiratory impairment and O2 drop (67%), N95 mask and CO2 rise (82%), N95 mask and O2 drop (72%), N95 mask and headache (60%), respiratory impairment and temperature rise (88%) and also temperature rise and moisture (100%) under the masks.  Masks are particularly harmful for children since chronic oxygen deprivation impairs brain efficiency and the undersupply of oxygen to the brain inhibits brain development of the brain, causing irreversible brain damage (23).  A study at National Taiwan University Hospital concluded that the use of N-95 masks in healthcare workers caused them to experience hypoxemia, a low level of oxygen in the blood, and hypercapnia, an elevation in the blood's carbon dioxide levels (24), in contrast to claims by BCPH officials.  Studies of simple surgical masks found significant reductions in blood oxygen as well. In one particular study, researchers measured blood oxygenation before and after surgeries in 53 surgeons. Researchers found the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels significantly, and the longer the duration of wearing the mask, the greater the drop in blood oxygen levels (25).


Overall, there is abundant evidence that mask wearing comes with a host of physiological and psychological burdens. All parties mandating the use of facemasks are not only willfully ignoring established science but are engaging in what amounts to a whole school clinical experimental trial.


































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Figure presented by Boulder County Public Health at the September 28 Board Meeting.  Of all the things they could have said about this graph, they chose to emphasize that cases were highest among children 11 and under.