Elect new school board members who will allow children to have a normal school experience, free from unwarranted fear and unethical medical mandates
Stand up to unelected health officials whose policies kept students out of school for a year and continue to harm our children.

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Our vision

We seek parental choice in BVSD.  We want happy and healthy children who are engaged with their teachers and classmates. School board members are elected and therefore should represent all BVSD families, not only a select few. Numerous issues are plaguing the school district, which include: mandatory masking, talk of mandatory vaccines, unreported and/or unacknowledged sexual assault in the schools, unsafe conditions for children busing to school, plus many more.

How you can help

As school and “health” officials now turn their sights on 5-11 year-olds, recklessly targeting little children with an experimental vaccine that offers them little benefit while putting them at unnecessary risk, they are destroying any  credibility that their policies have students’ best interest at heart.  Rather, these policies appear motivated by the multi-million dollar grants dispensed to school districts by the federal government with the quid pro quo of continuing medical mandates and COVID scaremongering indefinitely. 


We encourage parents and all those who care about children to unite against these unethical policies.   

Please testify at a BVSD school board meeting to share your concerns and remind the board that you support parental choice.  You may also testify at a Board of Health meeting.  Please contact us for more information about how you can help.

Closing Statement 12/1/21

The recall effort against 3 BVSD school board members has come to a close, 60 days after it began.  Although we fell short of the required 15,000 signatures needed on each petition, we succeeded in bringing much needed scrutiny to Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) policies that previously were going largely unchallenged.  We also rightfully questioned the wisdom of school board officials who kept children out of school for a full year and continue to ignore opinions that dissent from Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) dogma.  This dogma includes mandating masks for children as young as age 2, isolating and quarantining healthy students, and discounting the value of long-term robust natural immunity against a virus that poses little risk to children, all to aggressively promote experimental vaccines whose safety and efficacy are still in question.


Instead of addressing the important and substantive issues raised by the recall, much of the community discussion focused on doxing, intimidation and harassment of the petitioners.  The media coverage of the recall focused on the cost (incorrectly inflated to $750,000, effective only if and when enough signatures were gathered) and printing the names of the petitioners, but did not acknowledge or list any of the 8 items in the grounds for recall statement.  Similar one-sided coverage and misinformation about the petitioners and the recall initiative occurred in other media, including on NextDoor, which promoted false narratives about the petitioners and the initiative itself.  In fact, the recall was a grass roots effort led by petitioners who live locally and currently have or have had children in the BVSD school district.

Despite the biased media coverage and persistent harassment the petitioners encountered at public signing events, the recall effort resulted in thousands of signatures. Members of the community reached out to us at these events or contacted our website to thank the circulators for putting themselves on the line to stand up for children. The very personal and vicious harassment the petitioners experienced has launched several ongoing police investigations.  We are deeply grateful to all those who have reached out to support us and we feel confident that many eyes are now watching the new school board and BCPH.  We are wiser and better prepared as we move into the next phase of our campaign to promote children’s best interests within BVSD.  We and our new-found supporters will actively stand up to any new policies that dare to push parents aside and jeopardize students’ physical and mental health.  We will never back down when our children’s well-being is at stake.

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Addendum to Closing Statement

Board member Garcia admitted in a meeting with three doctors that the BVSD Board completely ignores parents' testimony at school board meetings, and simply does whatever the health department tells it to do. BVSD Board meeting procedures inexplicably bar any dialogue between the Board and parents at these meetings, which prevents the possibility of a sound and inclusive decision-making process. Board recalls would be far less likely if the Board actually listened to parents, engaged in dialogue, made sure that parents felt understood, and actually took their perspectives and requests into consideration when making decisions that affect their children.


All of the COVID measures implemented by the Board, at the behest of the health department, have failed to provide any benefit to children's health, and have done far more harm than good. These measures, including masks, distancing, and quarantining of healthy individuals, completely ignored the available evidence and data proving no benefit and definite harm. This is especially true for children, who are mostly immune to covid and have a mortality risk near zero. Counties (e.g. Douglas), states (e.g. Florida) and countries (e.g. Sweden) that did not force such science-denying measures on children fared better in all metrics, compared to counties like Boulder that implemented these extreme measures. The Board and health department must be held accountable for causing harm to BVSD children, without any demonstrable benefit.